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This is What Has Come to Be

Howard Hall, AUC Tahrir Campus - 2019

On the occasion of its centennial, and inspired by the role arts played in inspiring the masses towards what is historically defined as the first Egyptian revolution, I curated this students’ exhibition showcasing their contemporary design reflections on the 1919 revolution. With a fresh take on history, the selected students’ designs echoed their diverse backgrounds and individual perceptions of the events. The art highlighted a main feature of the musical legacy around the era-the colloquial expression that made it accessible to the masses, thus turning art into the ultimate tool of resistance.


The exhibition was inaugurated February 9th, among the launching events of the American University in Cairo centennial.

The closing event was concurrent with a panel discussion on the political aspects of the revolution, a musical concert of Sayed Darwish’s most iconic songs, the release of the limited edition revolution musical archive, and the co-authored book documenting the project.


This project is a collaborative work with the Music Program, Department of the Arts, and the Office of The Associate Provost for Research, Innovation and Creativity, at the American University in Cairo.


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