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By Salma El Ansary - AUC, 2016

Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique that uses of the supposed powers of crystals and stones to affect the human energy field. In Egypt, like the rest of the world, there is an outgrowing interest in Crystal Healing. This is part of the trending New Age movement.


Taqat, meaning energies in Arabic, is an Egyptian brand offering healing jewelry infused by stones and crystals. Taqat pieces are designed to accommodate one, or several chakras: energy centers on the body. Taqat offers a wide range of products from statement pieces, using genuine leather and silver pendants, to everyday necklaces using synthetic leather and silver plated pendants. Thus, Taqat offers various products to help heal you from within while meeting the latest fashion.  Using stones that are frequent in or originated from Egypt, as well as a great deal of Egyptian symbols and signs, Taqat is very true to its origins and inspired by its roots. 


The “Taqat” collection is the brand’s first and offers two pendants, a female and a unisex one. Whereas the female pendant is more of a statement piece and the unisex pendant an everyday piece, both pendants have interchangeable stones and adjustable lengths to accommodate all seven chakras of the body.

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