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Al Mashhad Gallery - 2024

"Grasp" is a project that delves into the convergence of artistry and artificial intelligence. The project highlights the artist's role as a curator of the capabilities of AI-generated art, serving as a guiding force throughout the creative process, by feeding the system with parameters, styles, and concepts, shaping and refining the artistic output. The project begins with creating a diverse collection of meticulously crafted, photo-realistic portraits that depict fictional individuals. These portraits are generated based on specific parameters, including demographics, ethnicities, posture, and emotions.

Additionally, stylistic choices such as chrome-punk aesthetics presented in black and white are employed, along with contextual enhancements like split toning to enhance the visual qualities akin to the "virtually employed" FUJICHROME Provia film.

These prompts enhance the portraits by introducing tonal contrasts that evoke emotions, intensify the mood, and add depth and visual impact, aligning with the project's overarching artistic vision.


In the second phase of the project, I embrace a more active role as an artist, building upon the outcomes achieved in the initial phase of the project. With AI-generated portraits as my foundation, I now step in to infuse them with my storytelling perspective, employing various artistic techniques such as collage, photo montage, and double exposure. Through overlaying, juxtapositions, and the interplay of elements, I weave narratives that invite viewers to explore new meanings and delve into the depths of imagination.


The third phase of the project involves a more elaborate utilization of AI algorithms in animating the still images produced in the second phase, resulting in dynamic and ever-changing artistic output. This phase explores the boundaries of human interaction with artificial intelligence, evoking curiosity and contemplation.


Two pieces from the series will be exhibited in the inaugural exhibition of Al Mashhad Gallery in February 2024.

Left: Grasp: Flux:

Explores the transformative power of replacing physical sight with introspective insight. The main concept behind this artwork is the belief that by shifting our focus inward, we can attain a state of flux—a dynamic interplay between our true reality and a harmonious connection with the universe.

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Right: Grasp: Relapse:

Delves into the intriguing territory of distorted perceptions that humans experience when the ego takes control. The concept behind this artwork revolves around the exploration of how our sense of self, driven by the ego, can lead to a relapse in our perceptions of reality.

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