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Swift & Far

Kahlil Gibran: A Guide for Our Times

Caravan: Touring exhibition - 2018

Gibran for catalog.jpg

You are the bows from which your children 

as living arrows are sent forth

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,

and bends you with his might

that his arrows may go swift and far


Inspired by Gibran’s interpretation of Children in “The Prophet”, this work combines the four elements of creation, in a homogenous photo edited composition. Creating an effortless scene where Earth -the foundation of life- meets Water - the epic symbol of fertility and immortality in myth, in addition to its direct religious reference to baptism- and sky, where the Air invites fiery meteor showers, shot at a prolonged time lapse. 

The golden meteors represent the Spirit, as golden auras indicate opening of the heart and compassionate energy flow.


Inspired by his oeuvre, which has been frequently associated with two major late 19th century movements; Symbolism and Aestheticism, the overall coloring of the scene and finishing with gold highlight the mystical and lyrical gentleness of Gibran’s poetry. 

Link to exhibition:

Exhibition Tour:

Marakez, Cairo, Egypt - 2018

Sotheby's, London - 2018

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