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Forgotten Voices

"Portrait" art journal, Cairo, Egypt - 2006

Gezira Art Center, Cairo, Egypt - 2007


Parts of the collective were exhibited at The Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, Italy, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Vienna, Austria.

The collective reflects a visual & spiritual discovery through archives dating to the early twenties, portraying a segment of the Egyptian society; middle-class children, in a documentary detail conscious style.


Subjects are dramatically isolated, against virtual expressionistic backgrounds.. modified to intensify human fringe situations, as loneliness, anxiety, and desperation.


Merging traditional photography with alternative digital manipulation techniques, resulting in unconventional images, in a contemporary conceptual context.


The masterpiece of the collective was originated 2006, inspired by the series of bombings and assassinations that struck Lebanon recently that years.


The original photograph dates back to 1914, when it was customary to pause against studio backgrounds that represented landscape scenes, usually from Lebanon. The artwork interweaves the innocence of the girl, the details of her white bridal like dress, the flowers she holds, with the emphasis on the weary eyes and suspicious look, the fading effect at the feet, the total destruction of the background scene, and the overall burning effect of the image.

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