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By Hania Hindy - AUC, 2017

FolkMotion is a project that breaks down a variety of different Egyptian folk dances through a bilingual informative website, and a publication.


Egypt has one of the richest and most diverse visual identities when it comes to folk dance. The diversification of land nature, climate, traditions and beliefs across the country all reflect across a variety of different folk dances, each with its own distinct pace, style, and costume. Thus, through understanding the folk dances in their historical and geographical context, the viewer can develop awareness on how the Egyptian culture interprets movement, and expresses visual identity.


Both the book and the website include 7 different dances from distinct locations across Egypt, with their historical background, an analysis of each dance’s distinct movement characteristics, and their traditional stage costumes. The website also displays several video tutorials that break down the basic steps of each dance, consequently helping beginners learn our traditional folk dances.

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