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Debunking Orientalism

The Untitled Space, New York - 2016

Influenced by the worldwide poetic coverage of the uprisings in the Arab world under the title “Arab Spring”, the past few years have witnessed a rapidly growing global interest in learning more about the contemporary scene in the Arab world. Independent curators and artists from the Arab world started receiving direct invitations from Europe and United States based galleries and museums to exhibit work, surpassing official governmental Ministries of Culture and Diplomatic Delegations. 


Inspired by Edward Said’s analysis of the Orientalism/Occidentalism dichotomy, this exhibition was curated with the intention of literally “debunking” this false vision of difference, and highlighting the complex diversity of culture and heritage reflected in art practice in Egypt. Showcasing and intentionally juxtaposing an array of cross genre and style artworks that represent cross generations of Egyptian Artists; Ahmed Morsi, Adel El Siwi, Armen Agop, Essam Darwish, Farouk Hosny, Galila Nawar, Marwa Adel, Mina Nasr, Mohamed Ardash, Muhammad Mahdy, Ramses Marzouk, and Yasser Rostom. Additionally the exhibit showcased jewelry by acclaimed designer Azza Fahmy.


Organized by Washington DC based Syra Arts, the work was exhibited at the “Untitled Space”, New York, another inspiration for the collection that defies classification. It was concurrently scheduled with the Tribeca Film Festival, for maximum exposure.

Media Links: space-new-york-april-12-17/ 

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