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Toroz - طرز

By Lobna Kamel - AUC, 2017

Toroz is an Egyptian brand that focuses mainly on reviving this Egyptian culture through fashion. Unfortunately, the Egyptian traditional costumes have almost faded away leading to the loss of the Egyptian cultural identity. Since people are living in a highly competitive world that requires a strong unique cultural identity in order to gain global recognition, traditional costumes are one of the most important aspects to reflect this identity.

 The project aspires to preserve the Egyptian artisanship and offer local alternatives to foreign designs through producing unique pieces inspired by various traditional costumes of Egypt and carrying the identity of Toroz. It also aims at offering work opportunity for diminishing crafts in Egypt in order to both revive and preserve those crafts. Through producing an Egyptian inspired brand, not only would it help reviving the culture but would also help creating a sense of local pride and gaining global recognition in the field of fashion.

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