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Nagla Samir is an Associate Professor of Practice for the Department of the Arts, The American University in Cairo.

NaglaSamir taught in several institutions since 2002,

joined the launching program of graphic design at AUC as adjunct faculty, and then as full-time faculty in 2016.

She holds a Ph.D in Visual Communication, an MFA in Advertising, and a BFA in Graphic Design.

She worked as a graphic designer and a creative director until 2002.

She leads a parallel career as an interdisciplinary media artist and an independent international curator.


1992 B.S   Graphic Design Department  - Helwan University

1997 M.F.A  Graphic Design Department - Helwan University

2002 PH.D   Graphic Design Department  - Helwan University

Developing Audience’s Perceptual Awareness Through Contemporary Design Strategies.


2016 - Currently  Associate Professor of Professional Practice for the Graphic Design Program, Department of the Arts, The American University in Cairo

2013 - 2015  Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design Program, Department of the Arts, The American University in Cairo

2010 - 2014  Part-time Assistant Professor, Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Applied Arts & Sciences, German University in Cairo

2008 - 2011  Adjunct Faculty, Program of Visual Arts, Department of the Arts, The American University in Cairo

2005 - 2007  Part-time Faculty for Graphic & Advertising Department, Art & Design, Academy, 6th of October

2005 - 2006  Part-time Faculty, Department of Advertising, Faculty of Applied Arts, 6th of October University

2002 - 2004  Full time Faculty, Department of Advertising, Faculty of Applied Arts, 6th of October University



2020  Head of the Graphic Design Program Accreditation Committee, AUC
2018  Awarded Mentor of the Year by the Life Mentorship Program under the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, The American University in Cairo

2018  Served as Co-Chair of the Materials and Collaterals Taskforce in the Committee for the AUC Centennial events

2018  Supervised the design of the minted AUC centennial coin in collaboration with Ghalia ElSrakbi

2018-2019  Served as member of the stirring committee and jury member for the AUC/TAMEER Water Tower Project, under the AUC Neighborhood Initiative 

2015  Co-organised “The Egyptian Surrealists in Global Perspective” Conference, The American University in Cairo- Organized by the Sharjah Art Foundation in collaboration with the Institute for Comparative Modernities, Cornell University

2010-2011  Director of Sharjah Art Gallery, The American University in Cairo


2020  Cofounded and manages Art in Reverb, a Creative Collaborative dedicated to human centric design and art consultations.
2020  Art directed AUC 2120 Virtual Reality experience, in collaboration with Next ARCH, and WombTech, AUC, Egypt.
2019  Guest Jury for Matter Branding Annual Creative Review, Cairo 

2017  President of the Arabic Culture Media Award Committee,MENA Cristal Awards- Marrakesh, Morocco

2017  Head of Jury for Salon 20 for rising artists, Ministry of Culture, Egypt

2016  Chaired “Cairotronica” Conference, at The American University in Cairo

2006 - 2009  Founder & Director for Passage 35 Center for Contemporary Art, Fine Art Sector

2007-2010  Jury Member of Nile Salon for Photography, Cairo

2006  Jury Member of the Annual Youth Salon, Cairo

2005-2006  Granted the Ministry of Culture Scholarship for Arts in the field of Photography

2005-2006  Designed Scenography for "Masks Off" and "Forbidden Dreams”, Directed by Lenin El Ramly, for the Cairo Festival for Experimental Theatre

1998 - 2000  Creative Director for Integrated Media International, Cairo

1996 - 1997  Graphic Designer, Graphic Line Advertising Agency, Cairo


2020  Supervised and curated the futuristic fashion design collection by AUC design students, as part of the AUC centennial fashion show in collaboration with Ghadir Agbany
2019  Curated “This is What Has Come to Be”, Contemporary Reflections on the Egyptian 1919 Revolution, Howard Hall, the American University in Cairo, Tahrir Campus.

2018  Curated “Red Dots No Red Lines”- Mouneer Alshaarani Design Retrospective - Sharjah Art Gallery, the American University in Cairo

2016 - 2017  Co-curated “When art Becomes Liberty: The Egyptian Surrealism 1938-1965”, Organized by the Sharjah Art Foundation in collaboration with the Institute for Comparative Modernities, Cornell University and the American University in Cairo. Launching exhibition at the Palace of the Arts, Cairo. Tour at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Deoksugung, Seoul

2016  Curated “The Ripple Effect: Azza Fahmy Design Retrospective”, Sharjah Art Gallery, the American University in Cairo

2016  Curated “Debunking Orientalism”, The Untitled Space, Tribeca Art District, New York, USA

2015  Curated “Beyond Classification” contemporary art Exhibition, Sewanee University of the South, Tennessee, USA

2015  Curated “Heyya Fawda: Tribute to Youssef Chahine”, Ambient and guerrilla projects all around New Cairo campus, AUC

2014  Co-curated “El Touni Design Retrospective”. Launching exhibition at the Sharjah Art Gallery, the American University in Cairo. Tour to Nuqat Conference for Art and Design, Kuwait

2014  Project Manager of “Generator” the 6th Cairo Video festival, Medrar for Contemporary Art

2012  Curated “Liberation: A Process Review”, Havremagazinet, Boden, Sweden

2012  Project Manager of “Bearing Witness: Stories of ordinary people living extraordinary times”, with the US State Department, the Bronx Museum, and Medrar for Contemporary Art, Cairo

2010  Curated "A Survival Guide", Sharjah Art Gallery, AUC, Egypt.

2009  Co-curated “Roto project, The Choice”, Mequias Khan - Cairo, Egypt. Then touring Turin, Italy - Bratislava, Slovakia- Prague, Czech Republic - Dublin, Ireland.

2008  Curated "IMAFY" The 1st International Media Art Forum for Youth, Palace of Arts, Cairo


2020 Canaan’s Traverse: Ventures Across Disciplines, Published by Department of the Arts, AUC, Egypt.
2019  Co-authored “This is What has Come to Be”, in collaboration with Wael El-Mahalawy, Heba Shetta, Published by the office of the Associate Provost of Research, Innovation & Creativity, AUC

2018  Authored “Red Dots No Red Lines”, concurrent with Mouneer Alshaarani’s Design Retrospective, Published by Department of the Arts, AUC

2016  Co-authored “The Ripple Effect” concurrent with Azza Fahmy’s Design Retrospective, with Saif El Rashidi, Published by Department of the Arts, AUC

2016  Authored “Debunking Orientalism”, Published by Syra Arts, Washington D.C., USA


2018  Group work celebrating 30th anniversary of Institute Du Monde Arabe, Paris, France.

2017  Invited to the distinguished Arab photographers group exhibition, Palace of the Arts, Cairo

2017  Invited to 15 Women Photographers, The Photographic Gallery, AUC

2016-2017  “I Am” group exhibition, Amman, London, Washington, Wyoming.

2015-2016  “The Bridge” group exhibition, Paris, Cairo, London, New york, Chicago, Washington, Portland, Wyoming

2014  Off event for 100 most distinguished Egyptian artists celebrating “Silver Jubilee for Youth Salon”, Cairo

2013  “Lost in Transmission”, Rester Partir, Le Voyage Impossible, Voies Off Festival, Arles, France

2012  “Morphosis”, Palm Springs Art fair

2011  “Lost in Transmission”, Lulea Biennale, Sweden

2010  "Domestic Archives", Arab Union of Photographers, Hamburg, Germany

2010  "The Human Figure", Palace of Arts, Cairo

2010  "Old Gamers", Off- Biennial Private collective show, Ofok Jeeran Gallery

2010  "Forgotten Voices" Solo Exhibition featuring new collective "Boys and Toys", The Photographic Gallery, AUC

2009  “Undercurrent”, Contemporary Egyptian Art show, Artsawa, Dubai

2009  “Final Dance", Fugitive projects film collectives, Nashville, USA, Basel, Switzerland, Dublin, Ireland.

2008  The Fourth Pyramid “Um Kalthum Exhibition”, Institute Du Monde Arabe,  Paris, France. Touring 2009 Bahrain, Dubai

2008  “What’s Happening Now”, Reviewing Egypt's Contemporary Art Scene, Palace of Arts Cairo

2007  Granted Award of the Mediterranean Biennale D’ Alexandrie for the video installation project "Shrine of Holy Trinity"

2007  "Lo Spirito Di Assisi", Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi, Italy

2007  Solo Exhibition "Forgotten Voices", Gezira Art Center, Cairo

2005  Solo Exhibition, "Winged", Gezira Art Center, Cairo


Museum of Egyptian Modern Art

Benetton Imago Mundi Art Collection

Private Collectors

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