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I AM - Caravan: Touring Exhibition

Nagla S I AM.jpg

I AM History


My work highlights the eternity tree, as symbol of knowledge and self-awareness. 


The tree embraces in core my ancient Egyptian heritage, the torso of Nefertiti, Queen of the religious revolution, and the “BA” –the soul- resting peacefully at her feet. The roots extend to Coptic heritage, represented by the fish, symbol of Christian faith and the promise of fertility in rural Egyptian folklore. The branches twist and turn along history to extend beyond the gate with Arabic inscriptions, the Islamic frontal for current Egypt, that again endorses the roots.


All elements complement creating a serene scene, echoing the unique and eternal rejuvenation of Middle Eastern rich and diverse beliefs.

Link to exhibition:

Exhibition Tour:

National Gallery of Fine Arts, Jordan - 2017


St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, England - 2017


American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington D.C. - 2017


Center for the Arts, Wyoming - 2018


Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati, Ohio - 2018

St Mark's Cathedral, Seattle, Washington - 2018


Vanderbilt University, Tennessee - 2018                          

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Vermont - 2018

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