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A Survival Guide

The Sharjah Gallery, AUC, Cairo, Egypt - 2009

It was December 2010, one could easily sense it in the air, a mixture of hope and concern. A few weeks later, a revolution charged with young energy shook and altered a long stagnant political and social status in Egypt.


"A Survival Guide", is a collaborative exhibition of art projects by young and rising artists, experimenting with the concept of defense mechanisms developed to survive the cumulative risk and constant pressure of Now and Here.


The project was curated with two main objectives; one was to host a show that celebrates young talents, one that is accessible for AUC students to relate to, thus inspiring them to take a step into the art scene.


The other was to curate an Off- Biennial show, positioning Sharjah Gallery and AUC on the active culture agenda of Cairo during the occasion.


Participating artists and projects:


1-Ahmed Gendy, Preventive Shield, installation

2-Ahmed Foula, Now, online interactive

3-Ahmed Sabry, El Brens TV, painting

4-Amr Qenawi, Just Another Day, rotoscope animation

5-Amro Thabet Hormones Illustration

6-Engy Aly, Donkeys, Flowers, and Birds, pixel graphic art

7-Ibrahim Islam, Space and Sci-fi, graphic art

8-Menna Mostafa, This Is Not A Nose Job, experimental animation

9-Mohamed Allam, Prescription 2, Video

10-Mohamed Abdel Karim, 30 Codes for Mega City Blog

11-Nina El Gebaly, Pure Crystal Clear, photography

12-Ramy Dozy, Mickey Masr, painting

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