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Learn More - إعرفي اكتر

By Kholoud El-Mala - AUC, 2015

"Learn More" is a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign targeted at an audience of women between the ages of 18-35. The campaign focuses primarily on the importance of self-examination and the awareness of the most dangerous symptoms accompanying Breast Cancer. In addition it provides awareness about the harmfulness of the radiations of mammograms and suggests keeping exposure to them to a minimum. It also aims to release women of the taboos accompanying the topic and teaching them the importance of early detection while insuring them that a diagnosis is not equivalent to a death sentence. It has been designed to be relatable to Egyptian women in terms of language and body image as well as capturing their attention in a positive non-frightening way. A medical teaching model was added to the display to show people how some of the symptoms can look or feel.

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