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Adieu Diva

The Fourth Pyramid “Um Kalthum Exhibition”, Institut Du Monde Arabe-Paris, France - 2008

 Toured Bahrain and Dubai - 2009

In the commemoration of late performer Oum Kalsoum, "Adieu Diva" features an improvisational performance by a contemporary artist, having lost the idol, finds herself bombarded by vast culture references, on a chaotic journey of self exploration.


The one object the character holds on to despite of the dramatic changes in appearance is the diamond crescent, often worn by the late Oum Kalsoum. The overall performance mixes whirling with weeping, yet implying various dance moves and changing in tempo accordingly.  

The VO is an audio mix of troubled radio transmissions of music, news, and Quraan, along altered Sufi and electric sound tracks.


"Adieu Diva" is choreographed, performed and directed by Nagla Samir, filmed by Mohammad Ardash, Audio by Mohammad Zayan, and edited by Ahmad Younes.

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