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LLT Learn: Learn More Typography

By Martina Hanna - AUC, 2017

LLT is a website that will provide its users with information on typography. More precisely, it will present the guidelines and basic elements of the uses of typography one must follow to reach a proper design using typography.


As the logo, LLT, suggests the entire website will be based on two aspects: learn, and learn more. Each of them provides a different level of learning. You start by learning the basics of typography and after you have learned all the basics you may move on to the advanced level of typography. Firstly, “Learn” is compromised of three major categories, each offering different aspects that aim to enhance the use of typography in design: basics, exercise, and practice. The “basics” entail font usages, weights, layout, grid, margin, leading, kerning, tracking, as well as, terminologies such as: shoulder, bar, counter, stem, etc… The “exercise” is an interactive experience where the user gets to try out kerning, for instance, and check the score. While the last category, “practice”, offers tasks that users can design using typography with provided directions and examples. Secondly, as mentioned earlier “learn more” is an advanced level of typography where the website provides a list of external references and it functions through a system of hashtags. The referred sources aid on developing the skills of typography further as they mainly contain: visual inspirations, type foundries, fonts, type tools, and learning.

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