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Eternally Humane

The Bridge - Caravan: Touring exhibition  - 2016

The work presents bridging cultural diversity on two levels of connotation. 


One level represents the interlaced relations throughout history; evident in abstract architectural Moorish ornaments, where the constant repetition of lines forms David’s hexagon star, Islamic octagons, quadrille crosses, and the echoed analytic structure of arches form a pyramid.


The other level represent future possible relations when nourished in unity, as a pregnant woman with multiple caring hands holds the promise of a child living in harmony, the belly sealed with a tattoo of the eternity tree of knowledge and wisdom.

Link to exhibition:

Touring Exhibition:

St. Paul’s Chapel, New York - 2016

Rockefeller Chapel, Illinois - 2016


St. John’s Cathedral , Washington - 2016


Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Oregon - 2016


University of Wyoming, Wyoming - 2016


ArtBAB, Bahrain Art Fair - 2016

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