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The Ripple Effect: Azza Fahmy Design Retrospective

Sharjah Gallery, AUC, Cairo, Egypt - 2016

Since her first infiltration to the macho dominated world of jewelry craftsmen in Sagha district in Cairo, seeking practical craftsmanship as a young apprentice under Osta Ramadan and Hagg Sayyed, to partnering with internationally celebrated designers such as Mathew Williamson and Julian Mcdonald, Azza Fahmy is by far the Diva of jewelry design in the Arab world and beyond.

She threw the first stone that stimulated a dated undisturbed mainstream jewelry design at the local markets, creating a ripple effect, not only in the circles of her students, but also of those who copy her, to which Azza finds no offence, for she realizes she has created a design language, not necessarily restricted to her high-end society worldwide loyal clients, but among a broader scope of those who learned to appreciate her vision and aesthetic values.


Dedicated to tracking the trajectory of her work since the early 1970s up till present time, “The Ripple Effect: Azza Fahmy Design Retrospective” showcases a selection of her most prominent collections, revealing behind the scenes design process from mere inspiration in scrap notebooks, researching, drafting, sketch developing to final product. 


A Co-authored publication was concurrently issued, and a book signing event with a designer’s talk on October the 16th, 2016.


In addition to a students’ jewelry design workshop organized by Azza Fahmy Design Studio, on October the 26th, 2016.

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