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The Tele-Museum

By Sara Fateen - AUC, 2016

The Tele-Museum is a educational card game, which teaches the French revolution to students ages 11-12. It focuses on alternative learning methods based on research conducted indicating that students learn more effectively though visuals and gaming.


Each card is 8x14 cm and has questions and answers on the back. The card styles are very vibrant and mix modern and vintage imagery, those of which consist of collages of old french paintings and main characters in the French Revolution. The game consists of 24 cards which speak for themselves in a way that aids students in answering the question for each given card. Cards are divided into 6 main color codes Red, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Gold/Black for main events and social classes during this period.


A card box was also designed, alongside a game manual and plexi glass holder for all 24 cards to be used in classrooms. 

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