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Shrine of the Holy Trinity

Granted the award of the Mediterranean Biennale D’Alexandrie - 2007.

"Shrine of The Holy Trinity" is a project raising questions concerning present life and fear of death, the desperate attempts to glance into the future and belief in fate, religious myth, rituals and taboos raised by those who claim to have the knowledge and hold the keys to divine blessings.


Occupying an area of 4m x 4m, and 4m high, the shrine is constructed of sheets of tin metal, chemically treated with acid to reflect time and bring a certain concern to touch.


The entrance is inspired by the Pharaonic Temple Pylon, suggesting exclusive entry only if proven worthy or ready to acquire higher knowledge and insights, enhanced by the discouraging narrow hidden side doors. So once attracted by mysterious light and sound, it's one's own choice to decide safe viewing from the tiny openings in the wall, or taking a chance of entering for an advanced experience.


Center space, a looped single channel video is projected on the surface of a 150cm diameter metal plate filled with water. The video features some ants in the process of consuming the dead body of a dragonfly, while the body whirls in circles like a dervish, embracing the fact of reincarnation.


The soundtrack is an audio mix of sound effects of marching steps and recordings from a Buddhist temple.


Inside one is confronted by three superior beings 350 cm high, showing three suggested stages; a dragonfly giving birth to ants, a dragonfly giving up its human legs while ants crawl around it, and a mutant dragon fly with an ant torso.


The space is dark, as to enhance the lighting effect of the back lit images, the video projection, and few burnt out holes in the fabric ceiling.

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