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Al Mashhad Gallery - 2024


Since I started teaching in 2002, I have utilized my hands-on experience as creative director to my class, acknowledging individual interests and skills and directing students to their full potential. Following a liberal arts education approach that empowers them to deal with diversity and rapid change in several relatable fields to design.

Courses I teach vary from foundation to professional studio practice courses, and supervising graduation thesis and projects. Encouraging a creative design thinking approach towards experimental and reflective problem solving for foundations’ level, and offering more experiential learning methodologies, introducing real client briefs and encouraging teamwork and peer group critiques for more professional classes.


As a mentor, my commitment to students extends beyond their scholar expert to utilizing my network to secure internships and starting jobs, and constantly supporting their scholar and practical careers.

Academic Experience
Curatorial Projects


As a curator, my projects are interdisciplinary, blurring boundaries between art and design. The majority of my recent curatorial projects are focused on revisiting and documenting historic and contemporary work by veteran artists and designers from the Arab world. Projects I have curated are usually supported by authored and co-authored publications.

Art Projects


My personal art practice can be classified under media art. Usually stemming from photography, then digitally manipulated to express concepts. My recent work has been heavily influenced by the aftermath of current regional civil wars, and my personal reflections on human anguish.

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